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Spring Framework Tutorials: REST, Dependency Injection, and More

  • Migrating a Legacy Spring Application to Spring Boot 2 by Marios Karagiannopoulos. Learn more about migrating your legacy Spring applications over to Spring Boot 2 in this tutorial showing Spring XML configurations, HealthLogic code, and more.
  • Creating a REST Web Service With Java and Spring (Part 1) by Justin Albano. We introduce our topic, explain the various technologies we’ll be using during this series to create our web service, and then we design our web service.
  • Working With Resources in Spring by John Thompson. In this tutorial, we look at how to implement resources in Spring applications by using the ResourceLoader and Resource interfaces in Java.
  • Using the Spring @RequestMapping Annotation by John Thompson. The @RequestMapping annotation is a versatile tool. See it used to configure traditional web page requests as well as RESTFul web services in Spring MVC.
  • Working With the Java Scheduler by Joydip Kumar. There are various ways to schedule in Java, and now, we know how to use the scheduler API and the Spring scheduler API to control threads in the pool.
  • Effective Spring Transaction Management by Nitin Prabhu. Take a look at this explanation of what transactional management is and what it does, as well as some ways to effectively manane it and some attributes.
  • Spring REST Service Exception Handling by Amit Phaltankar. Let’s take a closer look at Spring REST service exception handling, where we explore how to improve the readability of your code via annotations.
  • A Guide to Spring Framework Annotations by John Thompson. Master the dozens of annotations and their variants spread throughout Spring Framework, including Core, Spring Cloud, Spring MVC, Spring REST, and Spring Boot.
  • Running on Time With Spring’s Scheduled Tasks by Dan Newton. This guide to scheduled tasks in Spring covers configuring your schedule using fixed rates, fixed delays, and cron expressions for more complex schedules.
  • Spring and Threads: TaskExecutor by Emmanouil Gkatziouras. This overview of Spring’s TaskExecutor, using a sample web app, details how to use it to manage and use other components and allow for graceful shutdown.
  • Using Spring MVC’s @ModelAttribute Annotation by Roger Hughes. Check out this post to learn more about implementing Spring MVC’s @ModelAttribute annotation to both inject data objects and read data from existing models.
  • Spring Component Scan by John Thompson. Learn how to configure and use Spring’s component scanning capabilities, including tips for include filtering, exclude filtering, and filtering with regex.
  • How Dependency Injection (DI) Works in Spring Java Application Development by Ethan Millar. A bit of an oldie, but still a goodie, this article explains the concept of Dependency Injection (DI) and how it works in Spring Java application development.
  • Spring Framework: @RestController vs. @Controller by Srivastan Sundararajan. This post explores how to utilize Spring’s annotations, @RestController and @Controller, to create RESTful web services, comparing annotations and frameworks.
  •  How to Use the Spring Config Server by Jesus J. Puente. We use the package Spring Cloud Config to create remote configurations for our applications using a configuration server and GIT repository to store files.
  • How to Use Spring Retry by Chris Shayan. This tutorial explains the uses for Spring Retry, allowing you to automatically re-invoke a failed operation. This is helpful when errors are transient.

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