Hazelcast Jet 0.6 is now live

Hazelcast is excited to announce the latest release of Hazelcast Jet, the 3rd generation stream processing engine that adds advanced data processing capabilities to Hazelcast IMDG.

New functionality in Jet 0.6 includes a simplified high-level Pipeline API, enhanced job management capabilities that enable computation elasticity and Spring integration. Jet makes it simple to build distributed, fault-tolerant data processing pipelines on top of Hazelcast IMDG and provides 500% performance increase over similar processing done with Apache Spark. Just like Hazelcast IMDG, it can be embedded into your application or run as standalone.

Additional enhancements in Hazelcast Jet 0.6 include:

§ Updated Hazelcast Jet connectors – Kafka v1.0 and HDFS v2.8.3

§ Embedded Hazelcast IMDG updated to v3.10

§ Entry Processor Sink – when writing to IMap, Hazelcast IMDG users can now update just a part of the entry instead of rewriting the complete entry.

§ Java 9 – Hazelcast Jet builds and runs on Java 9 and supports the new Java module system.

Additional Hazelcast Jet resources below:

§ Get started with Jet – Download here

§ Jet 0.6 Blog

§ Webinar May 3rd: Building Real-Time Data Pipelines with a 3rd Generation Stream Processing Engine

§ Webinar May 9th: Hazelcast Jet for Hazelcast IMDG Users

§ Press Release

§ Explore the Hazelcast Jet Website

§ Join the open source project on Github

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