Katalon Studio 5.4 Published

Katalon Studio version 5.4, introducing all-new UI and features to fully support API testing in conjunction with the Functional automation component. Those are released to respond the feedback and suggestion made by you, our beloved tester.

New features & improvements of Katalon Studio 5.4:

b32de43d-6fbc-499b-ad48-9e48e228d71c.png New API Testing: Fully support SOAP and REST API automation. Users now have more capabilities to improve the API automation activities.
6700ce2a-25e2-4498-9d67-d30912801ecf.png Execution Profiles: Automation tests can be executed dynamically by configurable profiles, defined by a combination of multiple attributes.
a640c35c-9d10-4dc6-9735-3a98c3fc9c8d.png Sensitive Text Encryption: Text encryption feature allows users to encrypt any sensitive text right in the test case and capable to decrypt on-the-fly at runtime.
1c860a9b-461c-46da-9102-0f4ef180cfb1.png Auto-update: The newest version will be delivered directly while letting users continue to work uninterrupted.
5a90ab6f-0c23-4f7b-8d01-9cb37d4c78f9.png Templates for Custom Keywords: Adding the options to generate sample template when users create new custom keywords.
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