Interesantes las visiones de estos 2 artículos:

MQTT: Winning the War of IIoT Protocols

There’s No Winner in the IIoT Protocols War

En el primero, Colin Geis, Director of Product Management, IIoT Red Lion Controls, en su análisis de AMQP, ZeroMQ, DDS, STOMP y MQTT concluye:

“MQTT seems to be the protocol of choice not only for IIoT platforms but also for hardware manufacturers due to its efficiency, security and scalability, but this race of protocols is not over. New protocols will come to market which will address the needs and concerns of other IIoT applications with unique requirements. Standardization of protocols is important, but maintaining flexibility for the future will ensure preparedness for the next revolution in industrial technology”

En el Segundo, Paolo Patierno aunque concluye que no hay ganador apuesta más por AMQP:

“Don’t get me wrong — it’s not because I don’t like MQTT (anyone who knows me knows that I have done a lot of work around MQTT). It’s actually because there is no winner in the IIoT protocols war.

The good news about MQTT is that in the latest v5 specification they are addressing a lot of limitations of the current 3.1.1 version, adding some AMQP-like features.

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