4 Tutoriales Backbone.js

Communicating between views in Backbone
The backbone application that I am currently working on has a document section and a sidebar section. To represent the above structure in Backbone, I came up with following views. ApplicationView, DocumentView, SidebarView…

Why should we use server side in Backbone.js?
JavaScript is often written as a free-hanging and unrelated blocks of code, and it doesn’t take long before it becomes hard to make sense of the logic and organization of your own code. This becomes very much problematic when you are making a single page application(SPA). We can use server side scripting along with backbone.js to tackle this problem. Although this very approach creates problems of it’s own.

Introduction to the Backbone Query API
As a relatively “new” user of Backbone.js, I looked at different JSON querying tools that existed. At the time I was still struggling with using JSON as the data source and wrapping my head around the process for querying the data set that was contained in a large string. Coming from a Java and strong PL/SQL background in Oracle, I wanted to find something akin to the PL/SQL language I was used to.

Backbone.js Events Example
The purpose of this tutorial is to provide basic understanding of backbone.js along with its components. We will be discussing that what backbone.js actually is and how it differs from other JavaScript libraries. In particular, we will be understanding its out of the box support for events with example.

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