Acaba de publicarse Spring 4.3 (Spring 4.3.0.RELEASE),

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Esta versión depreca el soporte para Hibernate 3.X y requiere Jackson 2.6+

Spring 4.3 es una version de actualización para los Usuarios de Spring 4.X (se soportará la línea 4.2 hsta final de año). La línea 4.3X tendrá un ciclo de vida extendido hasta 2016, dentro del context de requisites de Spring Framework 4 (JDK 6+, Servlet 2.5+) y centrado en AppServers recietnes como Tomcat 8 and WebSphere 8.

Lo siguiente es Spring Framework 5.0, que tendrá un primer milestone a principios de Julio!!!

Spring 4.3 incluye:

Dependency injection refinements:

· @Autowired injection of Map/Collection beans and self references

· @Autowired on configuration class constructors (finally!)

· No need for declaring @Autowired on a unique non-default constructor

· ObjectProvider as a richer variant of an ObjectFactory handle

· InjectionPoint/DependencyDescriptor as an injectable argument for @Bean methods

MVC processing refinements:

· Default processing of OPTIONS, HEAD, Allow and If-Unmodified-Since

· Support for custom HTTP Vary configuration and HTTP Range on custom resources

· Precomposed @GetMapping, @PostMapping, @RequestScope, @SessionScope etc

· @RequestAttribute and @SessionAttribute as handler method arguments

· Full support for Jackson 2.7’s new type resolution algorithm

Various infrastructural refinements across the framework:

· Wider support for composed annotations and for placeholders/expressions in attributes

· Richer programmatic metadata in core container exceptions

· Component scanning in manifest-defined classpath entries

· A background initialization option for bootstrapping JPA / Hibernate

· A ‘sync’ flag on @Cacheable and support for the Caffeine cache provider