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Taming AngularJS

First baby steps with Angular.js
This article outlines some of my notes of a webinar about Angular.js I recently participated at. These are really just “baby steps” in that it covers the very basics that might help to get started. Since these are really my first steps with Angular, I might have misunderstood some of the stuff. So feel free to help me improve this article!

Learning Angular: What is the scope of your directive?
This might create quite some debugging headaches, especially in a larger application. Things don’t bind properly, have different data on the scope than you’d expect etc.. When you define your directives, you have to be really careful about their scope.

Learning Angular: Access directive scope variables from directive controllers and vice versa
Angular directives can have a separate, isolated scope, which is even the suggested approach most of the time. And they can have directive controllers. But…how do I access the directive’s scope variables from the directive controller and vice-versa?? It’s quite simple, read on and see it yourself.

Why Angular is not only for single page web apps
AngularJs is often seen as a viable solution for building full scale single page web applications. Although that is a good use case for Angular, in this post we will explore how the framework can also be used to incrementally add functionality to any web page in general, in some cases with little to no Javascript needed.

Understanding Providers, Services, and Factories in Angular
I’ve read quite a few posts (as well as questions posed) about the differences between services and factories in Angular. I’ve seen just as many attempts to explain it and even fell victim to trying to force an explanation for the difference myself. The answer is more simple than you may think and is evident if you browse the Angular source code and then re-read the documentation.