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The goal of Hazelcast University is to provide high-quality Hazelcast instructor-led training that’s easy to access. Courses are offered through in-classroom and interactive virtual environments and are deliberately kept small to ensure an excellent learning experience. Classes may be taken on a one-off basis or as part of certification curriculum. You choose what best fits your schedule and need.

Our current course offering includes:

  • Hazelcast Essentials – introduces developers to the fundamental features of Hazelcast and how to apply these to various use cases.
  • Hazelcast for Caching – introduces students to the Hazelcast APIs used to enable caching capabilities for applications.
  • Hazelcast for Distributed Computing – gives developers the tools they need to quickly and efficiently process and query data stored in clusters — in many cases without the need for heavy weight pessimistic locking.
  • Hazelcast for DevOps – provides an introduction to the most important aspects of successfully deploying and operating a Hazelcast installation.

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