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Mastering Data Analysis with R
Gain an even greater fluency in R and data analysis with this brand new data science book, created to take you deeper into one of the leading languages of the data world. Featuring expert guidance through some of the most sophisticated and advanced topics in contemporary data analysis, you’ll learn everything from filtering and cleaning data to classification and clustering methods and even social network analysis of the R ecosystem.
Did You Know?

Recommendation systems are everywhere (as if you hadn’t noticed already). If you want to take a quick look at a high-level application of a recommendation system check out this post from the New York Times tech team on how they built a new recommendation engine for the newspaper.

Building a Recommendation System with R
Our recommendation system recommends this brand new R guide, created to recommend you the best techniques and tools for building a recommendation engine — help deliver a better and more intuitive user experience today.
$23.99 $12.00
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R Data Analysis Cookbook
You’ll find more than 80 step-by-step solutions to everyday data analysis challenges packed into this book. From data preparation to statistical models including regression and classification techniques, R Data Analysis cookbook is a valuable resource for anyone using R to transform data into insight.
$35.99 $18.00
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Learning Predictive Analytics with R
Predict the future (almost, anyway) with this guide to predictive analytics and machine learning with R. Improve the way you learn from your data and make sure you’re always one step ahead of the rest with Learning Predictive Analytics with R.
$39.99 $20.00
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