Why APIs are NOT SOA++

En este eBook de apigee intentan explicarnos cómo las APIs (+API Manager) están desplazando a los ESBs y SOA en las empresas.

En él se hacen algunas afirmaciones que quizás aún suenen presuntuosas, aunque diría que cada vez son más ciertas, por ejemplo:

“The predominant client of an ESB is a server-side application on the company’s internal network, which has its access to other systems scoped to whatever level the developers of the connected applications and systems agree upon. The data is typically in large XML payloads that have low impact on latency in these fast internal networks; the powerful servers running the service consuming applications can easily parse this data.”

“When external clients are added to the ESB, it’s often under fairly controlled circumstances in the company’s supply chain or other direct partners with both legal and programmatic contracts clearly defining rules for data usage and access patterns. In practice, most organizations opt for putting an application server with significant mediation logic between external clients and their ESB.”

Me quedo con esta conclusion que comparto 100%:

“The best practice to enable external access by your modern mobile and HTML5 client apps is to build an API tier, either from scratch, or with the help of a vendor”

Interesante los diferentes modelos de Arquitecturas con APIs:

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