MongoDB es, desde hace tiempo, la base de datos NoSQL más popular…y también la que más libros tiene publicados:

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MongoDB for Java Developers
The NoSQL movement is continuing to grow, and if you’re building Java applications then there’s no better time to discover how to integrate the hugely popular MongoDB into your work now. This title has everything you need to bring the benefits of Mongo to your schema. From Spring Data, Hibernate OGM, and more you’ll find what you need to build fantastic Java apps with the support of Mongo beneath.
Did You Know?

Mongo was originally part of a planned PaaS, but shifted into an OS product in 2009

MongoDB Data Modeling
If you want to learn the basic concepts in data modeling, drawing a parallel between relational databases, NoSQL, and consequently MongoDB, then this is the book you need to have. Packed with best practices will help you optimize and manage your database you’ll be able to build real-time logging analytics applications in no time.
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MongoDB High Availability
Using MongoDB in high pressure situations needs a predefined plan, and there’s nothing worse than not having that plan in place when you need it. This title shows you everything you need to create a highly available MongoDB server that can stand up to the pressure it will be getting. From the most basic concepts to a complete practical implementation, this title has what you need.
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MongoDB Cookbook
Get over 80 recipes for every situation of MongoDB development and ensure you can get the solutions you need with little problem. From the basics of server initialization all the way to integration with the cloud and Hadoop you have everything you need to design, develop, and deploy MongoDB effortlessly.
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