Este interesante (casi imprescindible!) artículo analiza las posibilidades de modularización actuales de Java (para mí todas las opciones en mayor o menor medida, incluido OSGi, opciones frustradas) y lo que propone Java 9 con el proyecto Jigsaw:

§ Making it very easy to scale the Java SE runtime and the JDK down to small devices.

§ Improving the security of Java SE and the JDK by forbidding access to internal JDK APIs and by enforcing and improving the SecurityManager.checkPackageAccessmethod.

§ Improving application performance via optimizations of existing code and facilitating look-ahead program optimization techniques.

§ Simplifying application development within Java SE by enabling libraries and applications to be constructed from developer-contributed modules and from a modular JDK

§ Requiring and enforcing a finite set of version constraints

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