Time = Money. That’s why DZone has partnered with ZeroTurnaround to bring you these resources that show you how JRebel can cut down on development time.
204931.png Oracle Weblogic and JRebel: Enterprise Scale at Startup Speed

Learn how JRebel eliminates the rebuild/redeploy cycle, and how this solution compares to traditional systems already in place. Download »

172919.png How to Write Java Code 17% Faster by Eliminating App Server Restarts

JRebel helps more than 35,000 Java developers instantly see the impact of their code changes, without restarting their applications or losing state. Download »

172375.png How a German Energy Company Saved 1 Day Per Week of Development Time with JRebel

This case study shows how Heliocentris leveraged JRebel to cut down on development time. Download »

165819.png Software Company Mathematically Proves JRebel Helps Deliver Software 40% Faster

NetworkedAssets used JRebel to improve their sprint velocity by 40%, backed up with a statistical proof in this case study. Download »