Coral Blocks es una suite de componentes software Java concebidos para entornos de ultra baja latencia, sin recolección de basura y simples de usar.

Coral Blocks se compone de diversos componentes:

· CoralMD is a very fast, easy-to-use and garbage-free quote book implementation that you can use to keep track of the market data book from any security.

· CoralFIX is an ultra-low-latency FIX engine with minimal variance (no garbage created for the gc) that provides parsers, clients and servers through a complete and super intuitive Java API.

· CoralReactor is a powerful, easy to use and ultra-low-latency Java library for network communication that performs under 2 microseconds over loopback with minimal variance.

· CoralStore is a read/write message store backed up by in-memory and in-disk implementations. It supports asynchronous writes through CoralQueue for ultra-low-latency persistency.

· CoralLog is an unintrusive ultra-low-latency asynchronous Java Logging / Event Sourcing library that achieves extreme throughput without adding latency or variance to application execution.

· CoralQueue is a super-fast, ultra-low-latency queue for inter-thread communication. It can be used as a simple two-thread producer-consumer queue as well as an one-to-many producer-to-consumers demultiplexer queue.

· CoralThreads is a Java library for setting thread affinity in Linux. That can have a big impact on latency-sensitive applications with critical threads that must not be disturbed while running.

· CoralBits is a collection of utility and instrumentation classes for real-time Java development. It provides a foundation for clean, simple and high-performance code with no GC overhead.