El equipo de acaba de publicar una comparación de varias herramientas para el desarrollo automatizado de APIs.

De entre las seleccionadas en el estudio:

· Apache UserGrid version 1.1.0

· WSO2 API Manager version 1.8.0

· Cumulocity (SaaS)

· MuleSoft API Gateway version 3.5

· StrongLoop Server version 2.0

Finalmente se seleccionan Apache UserGrid y WSO2 API Manager para un studio más detallado, resultando en:

“If you are building an API-based project on Cloud Foundry from scratch and the community edition of Cassandra satisfies your requirements, Apache UserGrid will be a great choice. It can help you to save resources by automating development and support of the backend, including data storage management. Unlike WSO2, Apache UserGrid has its own PaaS platform that provides API automation, e.g. API methods are generated for each object you create. Paid and limited free accounts are available. In addition, UserGrid supports Apache Tomcat, while WSO2 API Manager uses WSO2 Application Server. If the existing limitations of Apache UserGrid are critical, you should take a closer look at WSO2 API Manager.”